The poison in your mouth


    Warning on toxic mercury fillings kept secret, then squashed

    If you have mercury fillings — also known as silver or dental amalgams — in your teeth, there’s an urgent warning you need to hear.

    For years our government swore that these amalgams were safe and that poisonous mercury wasn’t leaching into our bodies and making us sick.

    But these same government scientists have been lying to us all along– and they knew it.

    Because a new investigation has learned that four years ago FDA scientists drafted an urgent warning to dentists — an alert that may have spelled the end of dental amalgams in America.

    But that warning never saw the light of day. It was secretly killed by one of the most powerful agencies in the federal government — one that chose to protect special interest groups instead of millions of Americans.


    The poison in your mouth

    Freya Koss’ symptoms were so severe her doctors told her she had multiple sclerosis.


    She was constantly dizzy, suffering from double vision, and could no longer safely drive a car.

    But Freya didn’t have MS. She was just one of the countless Americans being poisoned by dental amalgams that can release mercury into your body whenever you chew or brush your teeth.

    Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet, which is why the feds have banned it in everything from antiseptic ointments to thermometers.

    But for years our government bowed to special interests like the American Dental Association and continued to insist dental amalgams were safe.

    That all started to change four years ago. After studies linked dental amalgams to vision loss, difficulty speaking, dementia, and even cancer, some scientists at the FDA were finally ready to take a stand.

    We know now that in 2011 they drafted an urgent warning that essentially would have pulled dental amalgams out of thousands of dentists’ offices. The warning would have directed dentists to immediately stop using mercury fillings on:

    • Pregnant women;
    • Moms who are nursing;
    • Kids under six; and
    • Anyone with kidney or brain problems.

    In fact, the warning advised dentists to avoid using dental amalgams whenever possible, which the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology said would have been enough to scare most dentists away from the stuff.

    But dentists never saw this warning. The public never saw this warning. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services — the FDA’s parent agency — made sure nobody ever saw it.

    HHS quietly stuffed the FDA’s warning in a drawer for four long years — and then recently forbid FDA scientists from publishing it.

    The folks at HHS are claiming they killed the warning because of a cost-benefit analysis — in other words, they protected dental amalgams because they’re so affordable.

    But that sounds like a load of nonsense to me. Because there’s no way it took these guys four years to figure out that these fillings are dirt cheap. That’s common knowledge.

    You can bet the real story has a lot more to do with politics than protecting us from poisoning. The ADA — which continues to defend its member using dental amalgams — has enormous influence with our government when it comes to health policy.

    And former HHS Director Kathleen Sebelius, who was running the agency when the FDA first drafted its warning, accepted campaign cash from major dental groups while governor of Kansas.

    Koss says it’s clear to her and other mercury poisoning victims that there’s “an enormous coverup” going on.

    And now the FDA has gone back to telling its old story about dental amalgams like nothing ever happened — how they’re supposedly safe unless you have a mercury allergy.

    Well, these government scientists may have learned to live with that lie, but you don’t have to. If you’re concerned about the health risks of the mercury fillings in your mouth, here are three important things to know:

    #1: You can get tested. There are now blood, hair and urine tests that can tell the difference between mercury in your body from fish — methyl mercury — and the inorganic mercury that comes from fillings. One such lab that does that test is Quicksilver Scientific in Colorado.

    #2: Don’t detox too early. If you’ve been exposed to mercury, don’t try a detox program until all the dental amalgams in your mouth have been removed. Detoxing before that could actually cause more mercury to be released from your fillings.

    #3: Make sure your dentist is careful. Never allow a dentist to just start drilling your fillings out. The mercury can go right to your bloodstream and build up in your liver, kidneys and brain. Dentists should use a rubber dam around your tooth and other protective devices.

    And if you’re having any new or replacement fillings, be sure to demand a composite filling, and not an amalgam.


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