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  • • Welcome to the Global Entertainment Productions group (GEP), a division of The Nucleus Project (TNP).

    The mission of this Group is to showcase the various ways that GEP helps support, promote and fund projects in Film, Television, Music and other areas of the Entertainment industry. Our main focus is on Independent Productions but we are also open to all mainstream production houses.

    It is our aim to attract people from all areas of the entertainment industry including Producers, Directors, Writers, Actors, Distributors, and Production Crew. But we want to extend a special welcome to the everyday person—without whom we would not have an audience for any of these productions.

    Our group provides a truly rare opportunity for fans to become meaningfully involved in projects where in the past they were only consumers—spectators. In our model—fans (supporters) have a unique opportunity to learn about the production process, network with other fans and people in the industry—and to actually help ensure the success of the very projects they are following through grassroots promotion and other contribution. If you are familiar with the concept of “crowdsourcing” —you will sense a flavor of this in our group.

    In the past the entertainment industry has been off limits to all but corporations and those individuals with deep pockets and the average person has been excluded. The GEP model has been designed to enable anyone to be a part of the entertainment industry and potentially share in the millions of dollars generated by becoming a supporter for as little as $47 a month.

    You will notice there are private sub groups within this group.

    The “GEP Supporters” group is only accessible to paid supporters of GEP (at least $47 monthly). Within this group you will be kept up to date with current and future project we are involved in, have a chance to interact with many of the people working on the projects( including some of the Produces, Directors and Actors), and see behind- the- scenes photos and footage of productions. In some cases you may have access to view productions before they are released to the public and even be invited to attend red carpet events. If you would like to become a supporter and be part of this group, simply go to your back office dashboard and click on “Global Entertainment Productions” button and follow the directions, or contact Davide von Peters for more information.

    The “GEP Committee” group is only accessible to supporters who have been selected to sit on the committee. Within this group the committee will review scripts and ideas for projects that have been submitted to GEP for possible funding or some level of involvement by GEP. The committee is made up of 20 supporters with 11 being supporters with a level of experience in the entertainment industry and 9 from our general supporter base. These 9 positions are rotated throughout the year to give as many supporters a chance to be part of the committee as possible. If you are interested in being on the committee, please contact Davide von Peters to register your interest.

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